Agent Files

TBD Agent Handbook

TBD Agent Best Practices

TBD Code of Conduct

TESS Guide

Social Media Accounts to Follow

Apps useful to your travel business

Preferred Supplier List

Seller of Travel Licensure Information

Agency Logos

Information on Charing Planning Fees

Vendor/Destination: Important Files

Passport Forms

It is important that our international traveling clients understand the proper forms of identification required to travel. We must discuss this prior to booking the client and ensure they sign the agency terms and conditions.

Passport Guidelines to share with clients

Consent to Travel for Minors

When a minor is traveling by air or sea without both biological parents, a waiver must be completed and notarized. If neither parent is accompanying the child, both parents must sign the waiver. If the child is traveling with one biological parent, the other parent must provide consent. The only exception is when there is legal proof that one parent is not legally involved with a child.

Overview of regulations with consent letter template to share with clients.

Terms and Conditions

Instructions for delivery of T&C

Travel By Design Terms & Conditions

Insurance Refusal Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

Disney Park Reservation Release

Release Instructions

Release Waiver

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