Kristen Kocher


“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Growing up, I lived for summer vacations. The experiences and adventures, meeting new people, traveling new places, the relaxation and making memories with my family left an impact on me that I dreamed of sharing with my own family one day. Fast forward to today… We have island hopped in Greece, wore Mickey ears countless days at Disney World and Disneyland, traveled and adopted a child from Congo, relaxed on countless beaches, explored many countries in Europe, adventured through National Parks all across the US and eaten food specific to every city we’ve visited. As we check off one journey, five more get added to the ever-growing list of places to visit, events to experience, moments to watch and food to enjoy.  Dad, thanks for passing down the “travel bug” to me!

My husband, three kids and I have made Centerville, OH our home. When I’m not traveling (or dreaming up our next adventure with my husband), I’m watching my daughter dance, my middle son play basketball and my youngest kiddo build lego creations. I am an avid Steelers fans, love relaxing with a good book, and coffee is my drink of choice.

I can honestly say that we never regret a penny that is spent on our travel adventures. The lasting memories with our kids, family and friends are there for a lifetime. Not one week goes by that someone in the family doesn’t bring up a favorite memory, funny moment, or connection point to a trip we have taken. Travel is also about time… time spent together as you experience things outside of your norm for a short moment. Take that trip. You’ll be richer for it!

At no cost to you, I would love to help you plan your next trip. All the details are tailored to your specific needs and dreams. Nothing brings me more joy than watching people experience their trip and create their own lifelong memories. Reach out to me if you’re interested in dreaming up a cruise, an all-inclusive getaway, anything Disney, river cruises, a European adventure or you want to plan a road trip.

Let’s dream together. I’ll design it. And then you will discover the trip of a lifetime!

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