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You start by Dreaming of your ideal vacation. Think about who will go on this trip and when you would like to go.


Contact one of our trained agents to assist you in Designing your vacation. Making your reservation with our agency and benefiting from our services, cost nothing to the client. We never charge our clients a service charge and we promise to always find the best deal available!

Our agents can arrange all details of your trip including:

  • Assistance in picking the best destination for your travels
  • Looking for the best resort deals
  • Pairing your resort choice with airfare and transfers
  • Making reservations for dining and excursions
  • Answering general questions about your trip in a timely manner
  • Packaging trip insurance with your reservation to protect you in the event that something goes wrong
  • car rentals


After we have completed all details of your vacation, you go DISCOVER it! While on your vacation, you can rest assured that you have someone at home to help answer your travel questions and provide help when needed.
Ready to Design? Start by clicking on one of our agent listings or visit the Contact Us tab to complete a quote request form.


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